Designing the Future at Microsoft. Come join me.

As I migrated this blog content, it would seem that since starting my own company in December 2002, I have been on a mission to bring rich user-experiences to market.  This is a journey that took me from a startup of my own (iteration::two) to an acquisition by Macromedia, and then an acquisition of Macromedia by Adobe.  It has been an incredible journey, introducing me at every stage to unbelievable talent capable of delivering truly disruptive digital experiences. At each stage, I have been given a bigger and broader platform to help ever larger organizations differentiate themselves through simpler, easier, more effective – useful, usable and more desirable – user-experiences across screens and devices.

This post marks another step-change; earlier in the month I started a position at Microsoft, to build out an Experience Design team focussed on bringing the best imaginable digital experiences across surfaces and devices, to the top 250 brands in the world.  The constant challenge I hear within Microsoft is to “Change the Future”, and I believe we can.

As I think about the enabling technologies for the best imaginable digital experiences, I think about natural user interfaces, voice recognition and speech recognition.  I think about digital experiences that are truly consistent in content and context, across screens and devices, whether on my phone, my slate, my laptop or the screens in my home.   Technology properties such as XBox, Kinect, Skype, the beautiful experience of the new Nokia 900 Lumia phone with Windows Phone, the touch-centric experience of Windows 8 (Metro) on a slate…these are the surfaces and technologies where I truly feel world-class design teams can imagine a future like no other.  In the end, it wasn’t a hard decision to make.

I have always spoken about great experiences requiring “Innovation on Both Sides of the Glass”, and this year ahead feels to me like a confluence of incredible engineering, innovation and experience design within Microsoft, to provide a platform for disruptive digital experiences that bring brands to consumers in ever more useful and desirable ways, and most importantly, in useful ways.

I can’t do this myself however; which is why the XD (“Experience Design”) team I’m building requires best-in-industry talent.  Whether you’re a designer that relies upon technical talent to bring your vision to reality upon the technology platforms I describe, or a technologist/software craftsman who only wants to build the most beautiful of experiences that are the product of design-thinking from top user-experience design talent, I would love you to consider being part of my team.   If you wish to work – as someone I’m sure we all mutually admire so eloquently phrased – at the intersection of technology and design, then you are a kindred spirit.

Please check out the Microsoft Careers site, and if the locations don’t work for you, apply anyway, because I’m only just getting started.

Imagine the future.  Then do something about it.

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